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Costume Characters
We provide costume characters for various appearances to give your event that special flair.  Kids of all ages love to interact with their favorite character to bring the theme of the party to life.  We provide many packages.  Some of our popular themes include characters performing meet and greets, photo shoots, make up applications, treasure hunts, nail painting, cookie decorating, wacky hair designs, games, art designs, songs/dances, etc. and party favors for each theme.
Make A Wish, Charity Event in  Cookeville, TN  at Zaxbys
Sam & Quinn at  company summer picnic event
Some of our characters include: 
Spidey Guy
Winter Princess
                                                  Pirates (girl & boy)
Costumed Santa with Heather at Chattanooga Christmas Party.                                                 Santa Claus
and more to follow soon.. Please keep checking our site for                                                   additional characters.